The Way To Salvation In The Light of Surah Al 'Asr by Dr. Israr Ahmad

Surah Al-‘Asr, a very early Makkan surah is one of the shortest surahs of the Quran. But studied and pondered over at a deeper level, this Surah opens up a treasure house of knowledge and wisdom.  Surah Al-‘Asr sums up in a few concise words the way and practical guidance that leads to eternal success and salvation. This surah is comprised of three verses. The second verse is of central importance in meaning and significance. This verse expresses the painful and tragic state of man generally, a state of loss and deprivation. The evidence for this is presented in the first verse, in the form of an oath or adjuration. The third verse of the surah carves out an exception from the general condition of man laid down in the second verse. 

Paperback 56 pages