The Rise And Fall Of The Muslim Ummah by Dr. Israr Ahmed New Revised Edition

The view of history in the Muslim mind is, and should be, a prophetic one. The same historic sequence is repeated in the Qur’an over and over again; a warning, followed by either repentance or destruction, as God sends His messenger to one nation after another. The Qur’an provides basis for the moral interpretation of history. The course of history is a moral agency through which the morally superior elements rise to the top, while those who are morally inferior sink to the bottom.  Virtuous living, which is the outcome of a healthy religious faith, must inevitably lead to success. The Prophet (peace be upon him) left for us not only a theory that is preached, but concrete experience and historical facts.

  Dr. Absar Ahmad

 Director, Department of English Qur’an Academy

  Lahore, Pakistan          

Paperback 43 pages