The Obligations Muslims Owe To The Quran by Dr. Israr Ahmed

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     Musalmanon per Qur’an-e-Majeed kay Huqooq is an impassioned call to the Muslims “to return to the Qur’an,” to rededicate themselves to its study, and make it the sole guide for their lives.  Considering the profound purpose behind the book, I felt it should be rendered into English for the benefit of our English-reading public as well as for approaching the minds of the people abroad. Accordingly, I was thinking of seeking Dr. Israr’s permission for the translation of the book when, one day, to my delightful surprise he himself suggested that I should translate the Huquq, that being the brief and popular sobriquet of this book. Hence the translation now appears under the title The Obligations Muslims Owe to the Qur’an.

       Muhammad Ibrahim 

Paperback 60 pages