The Golden Book Of Islamic Lists by Ahmad H. Sakr, Ph.D.

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 Some of the highlights of this Book of Islamic Lists are: Names of Allah; Names of the Prophets and their Family Trees; Attributes of Prophet Muhammad and His Family; Names of the Qur’an; Makkah and Madinah Surahs; Luminous Letters of the Qur’an; Memorizers of the Qur’an; Branches of Faith; Types of Salat; Companions of the Prophet; Noble Ladies; Mothers of the Believers; Narrators and Collectors of Hadith; Ambassadors of the Prophet; Names of  Caliphs; Names and People of Paradise; Names and People of Hell; Major and Minor Sins; Names of Zam Zam Water; Days, Months, Numbers and Alphabets, and so on. 

Paperback 186 pages

Foundation for Islamic Knowledge