The End of Democracy by Abid Ullah Jan

Following the end of the Cold War in which liberal democracy triumphed over Communism, Francis Fukuyama claimed it was “the end of history.” In this devastating critique of democracy, Abid Ullah Jan claims that far from being the end of history, the unprovoked attack on Iraq, despite massive global oppression and lack of support from a majority of nations in the United Nations, it is in fact “the end of democracy.”

   Democracy has failed and it has been used and abused, particularly following 9/11. Democracy has been undermined by a minority ruling elite to curtail civil liberties and mislead the public at home, whilst waging wars of dominion abroad. The author argues that since the positive aspects of democracy are part of Islam, thereby undermining the case that Islam is incompatible with democracy; it will be Islam that will ultimately challenge and triumph over liberal democracy as we know it. 

  Paperback 286 pages