Prophecies of The Prophets by Muhammad Idris Kandhalvi

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    In a world like ours when men are striving for a universal brotherhood of man under the grace of God, to bring about an era of universal peace, it seems desirable to subscribe to these laudable efforts for that ultimate objective, by contributing towards the better understanding of religious brotherhoods of the world by votaries of Islam on the one hand, and of other revealed religions on the other. With this in mind we present this work by Maulana Muhammad Idris to tell our Christian friends that the last prophet Muhammad was none else, but the promised "Paraklete" of the Old and the New Testament-the one about whom Jesus(peace be upon him) foretold in all the four Gospels. This work is divided into 25 prophecies from the Bible which Maulana Muhammad Idris has expounded on. 

Hardcover 103 pages