Leading Ladies Who Made a Difference in the Lives of Others by Maulana Mufti Abdul Qadir

Compiled by Multani Muhammad Ishaque

Adam's race comprises people of different character and behavior; among them are the women, whose purity, chastity and good nature is mentionable and lesson giving. Their beliefs, thoughts and practices make them a beacon of light for all the humanity. Moulana Muhammad Ishaque has compile accounts of noble practices and prominent women of Islam, from the beginning to the present. His work is rightly commendable. The book, Misali Khawtin is hoped to help imparting knowledge not only to the neglectful women but also to inspire the lax males. I suggest to all the fellow Muslims to read this book and spread it mightily to serve a noble cause. Sayyed Anzar Shah Kashmiri 

Paperback 311 pages

Adam Publishers