Islam The Way Of Life Beliefs-Rituals-Customs-Society-Polity-Economy by Dr. Azam Beg

A human being has two aspects of life. One is the biological system and life cycle following the rules set by God (Allah), the Creator. The other aspect of life is human intellectual abilities. Allah has granted freedom to human beings to use these abilities to make decisions and to take actions regarding their way of life. A Muslim is a person who uses intellect to conform his life to the commandments of Allah. By doing so, that person fulfills the purpose of his life and thus is in the state of ‘Islam’. Islam is an Arabic word meaning submission, surrender, and obedience. Allah, in His Book the Qur’an, says “The deen (code of life) before Allah is Islam(submission to His Will)” [3:19]; “Die not except in a state of Islam.” [3:102] Islam as a way of life provides guidance in all spheres of a person’s life, be they individual or collective. 

Paperback 18 pages