Obligations to God A Comprehensive Islamic View by Dr. Israr Ahmad

There are two main factors that determine one’s actions: 1) Intentions and 2) Clarity of Purpose. Intentions, no doubt, occupy the pride of place. These should be driven by our faith in God as the One True God without partners or associates, that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is His messenger, and that there will be reckoning in the life Hereafter. In the absence of one’s intentions to obey all of God’s  commands, it is futile to proceed further since it plays a central and decisive role  in the worthiness of one’s actions in Islam. Equally important is the related point that one should have a clear understanding of his/her responsibilities on the basis of which there will be a Reckoning. If one’s understanding is limited or faulty, the performance will also be limited or faulty, resulting in potentially devastating consequences in the Hereafter.

Paperback 47 pages