Baiy'ah: The Basis for Organization of a Revivalist Party in Islam by Dr. Israr Ahmad

    According to Dr. Israr Ahmad, the Western constitutional and democratic model works satisfactorily as the basis for organizational structure for community work, institution building, and da’wah work. However, he argues that this model is not suitable for the purpose of establishing a truly revivalist party. Further, Dr. Israr Ahmad also points out that the organizational model we find in the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is based on baiy’ah (pledge of allegiance). The Prophet (SAWS) was a Messenger of Almighty Allah (SWT) and every command from him had to be followed; the reason he took baiy’ah from the companions (RAA), therefore, was only to leave a model for his Ummah. The Caliphs after him continued the same system, and after them almost all the revivalist movements have adopted the same system of baiy’ah for the purpose of organization.   

Paperback 40 pages